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Graduated – 2019

MSc – Benita Aspeling, Selective recovery of salts from a ternary eutectic system in EFC using seeding, Dec 2019

PhD – Edmund Engelbrecht, Crystal growth kinetics of Rh-DETA salt precipitation applied to a production scale process, Dec 2019

Graduated – 2018

MSc – Genevieve Harding, Developing methods to access sensitive industrial wastewater information in South Africa (with treatment in mind), Dec 2018

Graduated – 2016

MSc – Chiara Maharaj, Treatment of a multicomponent mining effluent using calcium hydroxide in a fluidized bed crystallizer, Jun 2016

MSc – Debbie Jooste, Ice scaling in continuous eutectic freeze crystallization, Jun 2016

Graduated – 2015

MSc – Sibongiseni Gqebe, Selective metal precipitation, Dec 2015

MSc – Edward Peters, Investigation of additives during Eutectic Freeze Crystallization, Jun 2015

MSc – Vuyiswa Dube, Selective metal sulphide precipitation, Jun 2015

Graduated – 2014

MSc – Brian Willis, Development of Measurement Techniques for Aggregation in Precipitation Reaction, Jun 2014

Graduated – 2013

MSc – Tim Egan, Factors affecting the incorporation of impurities during cooling crystallisation, Dec 2013

MSc – Jemitias Chivavava, Effect of operating conditions on product quality in continuous Eutectic Freeze Crystallization, Dec 2013

MSc – Michael Kapembwa, Heat and Mass Transfer Effects of Ice Growth Crystallization in Water and Aqueous Solutions, Jun 2013

MSc – Moses Nduna, Post precipitation treatment of copper sulphide particles to improve settling properties, Jun 2013

Graduated – 2011

MSc – Emily Musil, Developing methods to measure the precipitation kinetics of sparingly soluble systems, Dec 2011

MSc – Grant Apsey, Impurities in crystals formed by Eutectic Freeze Crystallization, Dec 2011

MSc – Nobert Paradza, An investigation into the suspension attrition and breakage of nickel crystal during the nickel reduction process, Jun 2011

MSc – Rinesh Jivanji, Industrial application of Eutectic Freeze, Jun 2011

MSc – Cornelia Ras, An industrial ecology approach to salts-related, environmental sustainability problems in a large, inland industrial Complex, Jun 2011

Graduated – 2010

PhD – Thebe Mokone, Metal sulphide precipitation: effect of operational parameters on particle characteristics and proper efficiency, Dec 2010

PhD – Dyllon Randall, Development of a brine treatment protocol using Eutectic Freeze Crystallization, Dec 2010

MSc – Premesh Govan, Measurement and modelling of solubility data for sparingly soluble precipitation systems, Dec 2010

MSc – Botlhe Mokgethi, Investigation of crystallisation kinetics in a turbulent environment, Dec 2010

MSc – Yu Lun Chiang, Antisolvent gibbsite crystallization from synthetic bayer liquor, Jun 2010

MSc – Murehwa Mangere, Investigation into the kinetics, mechanisms and particle characteristics of selenium precipitation from copper sulphate solution, Jun 2010

MSc – Ndisha Mbedzi, An investigation into the removal of aluminosilicates scaling species by activated alumina, Jun 2010

MSc – Lindizwe Zibi, Industrial brine characteristics and modelling, Jun 2010

Graduated – 2009

MSc – Rendani Ramaru, Thesis Title: Struvite precipitation in a fluidised bed reactor

MSc – Harshad Bhika, Thesis Title: Technological challenges in mineral processing and extractive metallurgy

Graduated – 2008

PhD – Mfandaidza Hove, Thesis Title: Iron precipitation in acid mine drainage

PhD – Freeman Ntuli, Thesis Title: Mechanisms of precipitation in the reduction of nickel via hydrogen

Graduated – 2000-2007

MSc – Barry McGeorge, Thesis Title: Mechanisms of rhodium precipitation, Dec 2007

MSc – Nazneen Karbanee, Thesis Title: Investigation into the precipitation of mixed cobalt and nickel sulphides, Jun 2007

MSc – Celo Mausse, Thesis Title: Population balance modelling in nickel reduction systems, 2006

PhD – Aoyi Ochieng, Thesis Title: A hydrodynamic study of nickel suspension in stirred tanks, 2005

MSc – Ashton Swartbooi, Thesis Title: Cobalt and nickel sulphide precipitation in a fluidised bed reactor, 2005

MSc – Venusan Pillay, Thesis Title: The Simulation Of Electrolyte Systems: The System K-Na-Mg-Cl-SO4-H2O, 2004

MSc – Jeeten Nathoo, Thesis Title: Optimisation of electrolyte composition and operating parameters for the electropolishing of 304 stainless steel, 2003

MSc – Shilpa Seewoo, Thesis Title: Morphology control in gypsum precipitation, 2003

MSc – Karen Peterson, Thesis Title: Copper sulphide precipitation for treatment of Acid Mine Drainage, 2002

MSc – Craig Beautement, Thesis Title: Treatment of Secondary Lead Slag for Environmental Protection, 2001

MSc – Damien Guillard, Thesis Title: Nickel Carbonate Precipitation in a Fluidised Bed Reactor, 2001

MSc – Jonathan Centurier-Harris, Thesis Title: Studies in the Crystallisation behaviour of Potassium Nitrate, (co-supervised with Prof G van Rosmalen, TU Delft, Netherlands), 2000

Post Doctoral Fellows supervised

Dr Sivapregasen Naidoo, PhD Western Cape, 2010
Dr Gillian Balfour, PhD Cape Town, 2007 and 2008
Dr Vinit Mishra, PhD New Delhi, 2007.
Dr Christian TatyCostodes, PhD Paris, 2004 and 2005.
Dr YiFei Zhang, PhD Beijing, 2004 and 2005.
Dr Rob van Hille, PhD Rhodes, 2002, 2003 and 2004.
Dr Stella Lacour, PhD Limoges 2001.
Dr Bronwen Butler, PhD Queensland, 2000.

If you require any further information about projects listed above, please contact Prof Alison Lewis