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Brenda Mehlo

Characterization and Thermodynamic Analysis of Brine Systems


2016 BSc(Hons) Cheming Engineering (UCT)

Project Description

With the current water scarcity resulting from increase in population, changes in rain fall patterns and economic growth a more reliable source of water is required to augment the natural resources. One of these sources is the industrial brine effluents. However before use the brine has to be treated and prior to treatment the water has to be characterized. The current standard of industrial wastewater characterization is testing for major components for compliance purposes and is thus scanty for selection of a suitable treatment method (Melcer, 2003). Since the detailed knowledge of the composition of the wastewater treatment influent stream is an integral part of the development of these treatment methods (Mhlanga & Brouckaert, 2013), this study will conduct a comprehensive water characterization of the brines produced by the major contributors of brine in South Africa. A thermodynamic model will then be developed using the results obtained from the characterization. These results will then be used to propose a suitable treatment method for the study brines.