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Hilton Heydenrych

Systematic comparison of the effectiveness of water treatment processes


BSc (Eng) Chem

MSc (Eng) Chem

Project Description

This project is based on the hypothesis that existing processes for treatment of wastewater streams are not necessarily the most effective, partly because both the range of contaminants and treatment methods is very broad. This project is focussed on testing this hypothesis by modelling (on a single simulation platform) a wide range of proven water treatment technologies, combining these into both existing and new processes, and performing multi-criteria evaluations and comparisons of these processes (also using the available tools on the simulation platform). From the findings of this analysis, it is expected that new heuristic principles for the design of water treatment processes will be derived. In addition, a framework will have been developed in which models of emerging technologies can be incorporated and evaluated.


Selected publications. For more publications by Hilton Heydenrych, click here

Heydenrych H.R.; Rodriguez-Pascual M.; Lewis A.E., “Economic and Environmental Comparison of Eutectic Freeze Crystallization and Reverse Osmosis for Brine Treatment on an Industrial Scale”, in proceedings of 19th International Symposium on Industrial Crystallization, September 2014

Heydenrych, H.R.; Lewis, A.E., “A Systematic Modelling Approach to Water Treatment” in the proceedings of the SAIMM MinProc 2012 Conference, Cape Town, August 2012

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